A Sweet Song

With love’s

Beautiful countenance

Illuminating my joy,

Thankfulness sings

A sweet song

Daylight’s Gentle Smile

Spoken to me

Only in dreams

My love melts

In darkness

As stars softly fade

Into daylight’s

Gentle smile.

I take love sweetly

In layered consciousness,

Experiencing every detail

With heightened goodness

Seeking promises

Inside silken wishes.

Finally, as emotions

Are gathered

With forbidden

Bursts of blue,

My senses are captivated

Drenching me

With your warm

Crystalline sunrise.

Thank you

As I awaken

From a restful sleep,

I am blessed

With the morning sun

Marking the gifts

Set before me

In wondrous thanksgiving.

Give me this day

To bring forth

A thankful heart

And return love

I’ve been given

And share it

With others.