Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry

Celebrating New blessings

Eclipses the joy

As morning love

Encourages time

To magnify

Gratefulness in beauty

As strength in faith

Embraces omnipotence

With wondrous tears


At first light


Spreads its joy

Like angel’s wings,

Letting beauty

Awaken my heart

Amidst golden

Arcs of haloed bursts

With soft kisses

And blessing my sight

With inspiring hues

Once upon

A hopeful sigh

I imagined

Love profound

In its peaceful glow

And cheerful affection,

Wishing time

To repeat its lovely

Sentiments of

Jubilant devotion

Dainty echoes

Invite mem’ries

To appear within

Soft crystalline shadows,

Giving each treasured

Moment a blessed

Reunion with love’s

Pure heart wrapped

In sweet kisses

Morning in

Its quiet repose

Sends blessings

To my smile

As passion for life

Encourages joy

To bloom into

Eclipses of


And appreciation

For all things

Eclipsed by light


Gift my heart

With haloed love,

Letting the sweetest

Image to remain

Wrapped within

The center of my joy

Flaws add

Character to

My beauty

And to my present

As I embrace

The magnificence

I see in me

As time allows

I will make

Changes on my journey,

A new path filled

With excitement and joy,

While being brave

As a warrior

And true to my heart