Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry

Joyful inspiration

Leads my heart

To create encouragement

Through words

And emotions

True to myself,

Letting hope

And peace enfold me

In warm gratitude


While life

Embraces each day,

My heart

Still remains

My own.

Soft mem’ries

Still repeat

Their blessings

In gentle pulses.

Late at night

Before sleep

Takes hold,

I pray and

Remain grateful

In love


Of my heart,

Wonderful sentiments

Drench my smile

With sweetest

Of adoring,

Provoking hopeful

Inspiration to

Respond joyfully

To your presence

In my life

Thinking of

My one desire

Enters into


As I whisper


To omnipotence,

Enjoying all

Is before me

In a favorable light

And its gift

To my heart

Beautiful soul

In adoring light

Gifts my heart

With blissful affection,

Casting devotion

His way

As joy and love

Transform my life

Touched by

Thankfulness for

My angel