Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry

I embrace

Joy abides here

In affection

Touching bliss

I gather each blessing

In its beauty

My heart remembers

Tender moments

Reflecting inspired hues


I embraced

In hopeful sighs

Love transforms life

As I gather unto me

A memory, an image,

A scent of pine

I feel you here

In love’s true form

At home in my heart

A part of me

Bold and strong

Forever in joy

I breathe

Rising with strength

The morning tide

Embracing my joy

Gathering the words

Writing to my love

Life is renewed

When blessings multiply

Recreating each one

As love is real in its beauty

In 2004 I became an author for

The first time. In total, I have

Authored four paperbacks and

One eBook. They are all poetry based.

I love writing. I love poetry. It makes

Me happy and blessed.

Lost in mem’ries

Of love

I see you as if

In a dream,

Blushing in


As I embrace

Your image

Tattooed on my heart,

Inching ever closer

Toward the joy

I want to own

Cheerful inspiration

Surrounds me

With joyful blessedness

As bold passion

Caresses my smile

To beam with

Confident determination,

Letting me continue

To embrace life