Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry


Precious and beautiful,

Caress my soul

And remain tucked away.

I treasure these

Small but meaningful

Fragments of you,

Loving every piece.

I mold them

Into the warmth

Of my soul

And they remain

Cherished completely,

The only

Possessions I seek

To own.

These memories

Are the ones that

Matter most…

4 thoughts on “My Memories

  1. Charli Dee says:

    Your poems are so beautiful! They remind me to slow down sometimes and appreciate the the simple, quiet moments, this one especially! Just recently I was sitting with my family and looking at old pictures. Looking back at those pictures gave me nostalgia. Those captured memories are so precious to us, and we try to take good care of them because they are not digital photos.

  2. Love this like all the others you do.

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