Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry

With Eyes wide open

Your beauty

Caresses my heart

With precious

Love and joy

Your smile

Shines like

The day star,


My world

With grace

You are a

Sweet blessing,



An angel


My life

With goodness

I’m thankful

For you,

My love

As I look

Upon your smile

With Eyes

Wide open

14 thoughts on “With Eyes Wide Open

  1. Lea Peters says:


  2. Jasmine Tay says:

    Such a beautiful poem!

  3. Shanice Ford says:

    Beautiful!! 🥰

  4. bestietalks says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing !

  5. Michelle says:

    Made me tear up thinking of my baby that isn’t a baby anymore. Beautiful poem!

  6. lporter18 says:

    Such a beautiful poem! So wonderfully written!

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