Joys, Blessings, and Poetry

Sharing What Brings My Life The Greatest Joy Through Poetry

I had written this to my daughter after she was born. Even though she is an adult now, it still applies.


At birth with eyes wide open

searching for a loving voice.

My heart still swells just thinking

just ow small you are.

As the years went by with tears

Beautiful is all I see.

And what beauty it is to see!

Looking through eyes wide open.

Talking without words, only tears.

Hoping to hear the one true voice.

I believe that you are

a special gift, that’s what I’m thinking.

Precious, can you hear what I’m thinking?

Is it my face you see?

A blessing you truly are.

As I smile with eyes wide open,

Believe me when you hear my voice

I’m truly joyful through my tears.

But they never last, these tears.

Always drying up while I’m thinking

on His heavenly voice.

With beauty far as I can see,

gazing st me with eyes wide open

What a treasure you are!

A gen is what you are

as I look through my tears

sparkling in my eyes wide open.

How lucky I am, I’m thinking.

Just your smile I want to see

when you awaken to my voice.

Can you hear my quiet voice?

Whispering softly, “My love you are”.

Perfection is all I see.

After my bout of tears

I start my positive thinkin

with my eyes wide open.

With tears comes a soothing voice

for in thinking we just are

seeing beautiful with eyes wide open


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